Trish F. Martin

Trish Martin is the founder and president of NEU: Neuroplasticity & Education United.  NEU is dedicated to successfully integrating the proper formula of rewiring the brain techniques with daily literacy instruction, promoting inquisitive problem solving skills, and ultimately enhancing lifelong success.   After 25 years as a speech pathologist, Martin has spent the last 10 years passionately teaching and promoting the fundamental building blocks of literacy through her scientifically based instructional series. NEU advocates for a literate tomorrow with all students having the capacity to achieve their highest potential as they navigate the 21st Century workplace. 

Martin guides and fosters the success of every student. Her years of integrating neuroplasticity into daily lesson presentation have resulted in consistent student improvement. She has authored multiple books on the topic of instructional integration of neuroplasticity with successful instruction of reading, spelling/orthography, and grammar.  

NEU is a trailblazer in brain plasticity and education through the professional development series “Neuroplasticity: Rewiring the Brain”. Teachers and parents are empowered to consistently improve students’ literacy scores while reducing special education referrals.  NEU provides the tools for students to become actively-engaged independent learners fostering individual curiosity and creativity.

NEU has developed corresponding curriculums in the areas of reading, spelling-orthography and grammar which are supported by detailed Pre-K through 5th grade pacing calendar maps. Martin’s mission to achieve success for all, led to the development of aligned formative assessments.   District sustainability is achieved through coaching, mentoring, and video conferencing.

NEU Reading: Rewiring the Brain to Accelerate Learning

As a result of literacy improvements within participating districts, Trish Martin has been the honored recipient of:

- Michigan Excellence Award (Michigan Association of School Boards)
Michigan’s Best Award for Professional Development of Teachers (Michigan Association of School Boards)
- Winner’s Circle Award (Michigan Association of School Administrators)

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