Professional Development

NEU provides a professional development series that corresponds with each of our comprehensive, turn-key curriculums.  We are able to provide a high energy professional development series that encompasses the multiple areas of literacy and math.  Teachers learn how to have fun teaching the Common Core State Standards and build a comprehensive literacy plan.


In-services are scheduled according to the lesson plan calendars.  This way, teachers are not overwhelmed with massive content, and they are then significantly  more successful in providing good neurologically sound instruction.  The materials covered are not familiar to them, so it is hard work.  They will be taught how to change their lecture design into an inquiry question design.  This requires them to 'know' the content well enough to know what their question should be when the child responds, no matter if the answer is correct or incorrect.  This takes practice.  


NEU offers trainings that correspond with each curriculum series.

- NEU Reading: 3 day Overview
- NEU Spelling & Orthography: 2 day Overview
- NEU Grammar: 2 day Overview
- NEU Advanced Reading: 2 day Overview
- NEU Writing: 2 day Overview
- NEU Comprehension: 3 day Overview
Michigan Elementary Middle School Principals Association is hosting a 2 day training of Unlocking the Reading Code: Rewiring the Brain to Accelerate Learning; September 24 & 25 at the MEMSP training facility in Mason, MI. 
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