“I am astounded by the level of specificity that teachers now know about the teaching of reading. This has completed changed and renovated our reading instruction as well as other content areas.  Rewiring has profoundly changed my staff.” 

- Mark Westburg  [Superintendent, New Buffalo Area Schools, MI]

NEU Reading 

Rewiring the Brain to Accelerate Learning has been successfully and explicitly teaching the Common Core State Standards since 2004, six years prior to the CCSS being published in 2010.  Students learn that the English language is a sound system rather than a visual set of 26 letters from the Latin alphabet.  Students master the 44 sounds of the English language, the 6 syllable types and an amazing, fun motivational tool called 'fish hooking' which allows students to become independent 'word detectives' while increasing their motivation and focus to figure it out themselves. 

This program will help all students:

  • Students having difficulty with reading and spelling will learn how to get the words off the page bringing them up to grade level.
  • Students that were already reading and writing at grade level will make significant improvements far surpassing where they were before.


Kindergarten Reading Proficiency Case Study:    

This Kindergarten teacher had average results, but after implementing NEU Reading: Rewiring the Brain to Accelerate Learning, she has been able to propel all her students to higher levels of achievement.  She is laying the ground work for these students to succeed for years to come.

Empowered teachers and administrators explain NEU

“What I have come to realize...through all the years of my Education, ... I’ve never fully learned how to teach I know.” 
- Kristen G.  [5th grade teacher]

“I thought I knew how to teach reading because I have a master’s degree in reading. I had no idea what I didn’t know.”
- Kim H. [1st grade teacher]

“Rewiring has totally changed my classroom and my knowledge base.  There is no way that I could ever teach reading the way I have taught in the past ever again.” 
- Kathy R.  [2nd grade teacher]


The following characters are part of our reading series.  You will see these beautifully designed characters assist your student through the educational process!


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