MEMSPA (Michigan Elementarty Middle School Principal Association) has partnered with NEU: Neuroplasticity & Education United to provide principals and teachers with the unique reading instructional tools that have proven effective with every child. The data is in and the program has been vetted. NEU Reading  is probably the most comprehensive effective method for teaching reading that I have seen my 30 plus years in education. I encourage you to thoughtfully consider using this program for teaching teachers the research supported, classroom tested and data driven method for gaining and sustaining reading achievement growth. This is the closest thing to a silver bullet that I have ever seen.” 

-Paul Liabenow  [Executive Director, Michigan Elementary Middle School Principal Association]

"As a principal and former classroom teacher of 17 years, I am humbled to discover the lack of knowledge I had when it came to the teaching of reading. Through staff development under the guidance of Trish Martin, I along with my staff have discovered the power behind NEU Reading: Rewiring the Brain to Accelerate Learning. When I can walk into a Kindergarten room and ask a student what two sounds does the letter 'c' make, and to have that student explain in detail when it makes the 's' sound and when it makes the 'k' sound is the tip of this program. Students are reading in early elementary. In fourth grade students can tell you the origin of the word or parts of the word, be it French, Greek, Latin, or Anglo Saxon. The proof lies in the results of this program. This is not an educational swing, this is a homerun for our teachers and our students. NEU: Neuroplasticity & Education United has broken the barriers that teachers have struggled with for years and given us the tools to reach ALL students." 

-David Kelly [Principal New Buffalo Area Schools]

“The most fundamental responsibility of schools is teaching students to read. Just about all children can be taught to read and deserve no less from their teachers. On the other hand, teachers deserve no less than the knowledge and skills that will enable them to teach reading successfully. Using scientific research, NEU Reading: Rewiring the Brain to Accelerate Learning provides teachers the knowledge base and essential skills needed to successfully teach all children to read. The knowledge exists. Young lives depend on it. Why wouldn't we all be doing this?" 

-Erika Milovich  [Literacy Coach]

The instructional design of NEU

Neuroplasticity & Education United includes corresponding formative assessments.  These assessments focus on what a child has been explicitly taught by the teacher, instead of using an assessment tool that looks at both taught and untaught skills. 

  • Detailed data collection materials corresponding to the instructional scope and sequence for individual student progress.
  • Formative assessments-quick one to three minute assessments on only content explicitly taught. Provides immediate feedback to teachers and administrators on student strengths and weaknesses.
  • Formative assessment results merged into Administrative Domain 5 format to monitor teacher effectiveness.

NEU gets results!    

NEU Reading has as empowered teachers to consistently improve their classroom literacy scores. Westerberg's district ended the 2011-2012 school year with 81% (up from 56%) of their building benchmarked. Kindergarten through 5th grade, across the board Rewiring makes a difference.

Kindergarten Results

This Kindergarten teacher had average results, but after implementing NEU Reading: Rewiring the Brain to Accelerate Learning, she has been able to propel all her students to higher levels of achievement.  She is laying the ground work for these students to succeed for years to come.

1st Grade Results

Before using the methods taught in NEU Reading: Rewiring the Brain to Accelerate Learning, this first grade hovered around 50% benchmarked in Oral Reading Fluency, but after just two years their grade level had 88% benchmarked in ORF.

4th Grade Results

Before using the methods taught in NEU Reading: Rewiring the Brain to Accelerate Learning, this fourth grade teacher hovered around 50% benchmarked, but after just two years her classroom had 89% benchmarked. Her scores keep getting better....... January of 2013, her classroom had 94% at or above grade level benchmark standards.

5th Grade Results

Before using the methods taught in NEU Reading: Rewiring the Brain to Accelerate Learning, the combined fifth grade classrooms hovered around 55% benchmarked, but after just three years their grade level had 94% benchmarked. 

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