Something to be proud of 

Great teachers make great schools!  Collect the data to reflect on the success of your staff.

The instructional design of NEU

Neuroplasticity & Education United includes corresponding formative assessments.  These assessments focus on what a child has been explicitly taught by the teacher, instead of using an assessment tool that looks at both taught and untaught skills. 

  • Detailed data collection materials corresponding to the instructional scope and sequence for individual student progress.
  • Formative assessments-quick one to three minute assessments on only content explicitly taught. Provides immediate feedback to teachers and administrators on student strengths and weaknesses.
  • Formative assessment results merged into Administrative Domain 5 format to monitor teacher effectiveness.

Advantage for Administration

Administration will see that they have great teachers that are effectively instructing all students.

Advantages for Teachers

Teachers are able to find gaps in student’s knowledge and quickly determine differentiated instructional minutes.  This will eliminate students falling between the cracks and provide educational equality in the classroom.

Advantages for Students

Students gain confidence as they have the opportunity to show off their skills. These skills will propel them to greater academic success. 

Our assessment program not only assures that students have gained necessary skills and show the effectiveness of teachers, but it also provides administration with an easy way to understand and communicate data.

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